Signal Level


Signal Level is the collaborative music project of Brian LaPan and Matthew Richard. We release all of our music for free download on this site in our Music section under a Creative Commons License.

In addition Signal Level is the main hub for various solo and side projects that Brian and Matt are involved in which also have all their music up for free download as Creative Commons.

Signal Level News

2010-10-19 - After much procrastination the site for Brian's solo project X SUB C is finally live.

2009-08-16 - Matt: New gear has been acquired and new inspiration has spurred from it. New songs in the works as well as re-mastering some others.

2009-08-16 - Brian: Been a long time since the last update due to our normal lives taking up most of our time. Music is still being made, just nothing that is ready to put up on the site.

2008-01-13 - Added several Demo tracks to the Music page.

2008-01-11 - Added the 2000 Demo Disc to the Discography page.